Cryptocurrency Arbitrage

Risk-free profit from different prices of the same instrument
listed on various exchanges. We use market inefficiencies
to earn money for you.

Planned launch in Q4 2018

Simple arbitrage

We are using the fact that the same asset, on two different exchange market, has different price in the same time. We can buy given cryptocurrency on one exchange and sell immidiately on different one.

Triangular arbitrage

This kind of arbitrage rely on using several assets (it can be three or even more). We can use assets on the same cryptocurrency exchange or on different ones.

Year-to-date risk free profits

Using simple arbitrage strategy including commision.


ETH/BTC on Bittrex and Poloniex


ETH/BTC on Cexio and Cryptopia


XRP/BTC on BitStamp and Bittrex

Cumulative return of set of 10 arbitrage strategies

Year 2013 = 100

We use Algotrader - high quality Swiss trading platform

Through adapters and thanks to using FIX protocol or dedicated API, you are able to connect with other portals: BitFinex, Bitstamp, Bitflyer, Bitmex,Binance, Coinigy.

Platform also allows to program automatic strategy, test and optimize it but most importantly – use live stream.